Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Top 10 Amazing Character of Bartender

Bartending is among the most coveted placement of the blue collar professions, which explains why it isn't always simple to enter. For starters, you will have to make sure you have the proper characteristics and abilities or you can forget it. Just being conscious of them will help you improve in each region so that you can better your opportunity at getting the foot in the entrance way. Let's have a look:

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1. Personality - It helps to keep them again returning again and. Think about yourself as a theater performer. People venture out to bars set for the probability of finding a thing that they don't discover at the job every day. Have you any idea why personality is indeed vital that you bar managers and owners? Because the bar assumes the character of the bartenders. Dull bartenders = boring bar. Enthusiastic, interesting bartenders = busy bar.

2. Knowledge - It's basic: unless you know the beverages, you're only a jackass with a awesome work and a bottle opener.

3. Attentiveness - Focus on details, such as putting a bar napkin under each drink, clearing off empty glasses, and keeping guests beverages full is about paying attention and providing supreme customer support. Imagine yourself as an individual assistant to someone extremely important. Every fine detail counts.

4. Memory space - In a fast-paced, high-quantity environment, you'd better have the ability to remember multiple drink orders so you can get them out efficiently or you will have a lot of angry guests, not to mention an unhappy bar manager.

5. Speed and Efficiency - If you have a great memory but you have no multi-tasking ability, the memory does you little good. Guests want their drinks NOW!
Amazing Bartender

6. Personal Grooming - Whether the bar you work for requires full uniforms or if you are allowed to wear a t-shirt and jeans, make sure you are clean and look sharp. This isn't a John Wayne movie. No one wants a dusty, sloppy bartender any more than they want to watch a John Wayne movie.

7. Endurance - Bartending is a job that requires both mental and physical stamina. Not only do you have to know all the drinks and deal with drunken buffoons, you are often on your feet 6-10 hours per shift, depending on the hours of operation. It can wear you down if you're not prepared.

8. Good Cash Handling and Math Skills - You are part of a team back there, so if you have problems handling cash, the other bartenders will not be happy at all. Also, good math skills allow you to add up drink prices in your head so you can call out the total to guests before you even have to ring it in. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

9. A Thick Skin - Remember, you are dealing with drunks all night long. Never take anything personal, and once your shift is over, leave it at the bar. Don't brood over a bad tip or the cheapskate who gave it to you for another three times. It's pointless, and you will not survive.

10. Eye-Contact, AN EXCELLENT Smile and a company Handshake - Those three issues will take you quite a distance in creating a clientele of regulars, not really top mention the very best shifts from the manager.

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